What is wrong with our schools? One word – STUPID.

Little girl’s teacher sent me note yesterday that said, “Can you speak with H about her talking and playing in class’s and in the lunch room?”  Absolutely.  So on the way home from school we had a discussion about what happened and why her teacher was so put out with H’s behavior yesterday that she … More What is wrong with our schools? One word – STUPID.


News Flash – Kids Lie.  Don’t know if you knew that or not but sweet little cherubs are prone to covering their backsides when confronted about a misdeed.  I had to remind myself of this fact of life this weekend when face to face with my sweet little ray of sunshine’s less than truthful statement … More Honesty


Tim and I have a little inside joke. He often asks me to look at stuff as we are driving down the road and often I can’t see what he is pointing out. In the past this frustrated him and he would point again and tell me it is right, there. I’d get angry and … More Perspective

More turns ahead

Just when our new normal is about to feel, well, normal, things they are a changin’. Since my last post, we have gotten real used to sharing our space and our life with little Miss. We are enjoying most of our time with her, occasional temper tantrum not withstanding. Tim is now helping to coach … More More turns ahead