Each year I pray for a word or phrase that will guide me for the coming year.  2018’s word is Strength.  It sounded good at the end of December when the incredibly challenging year of 2017 was grinding to an end.  I envisioned exercising and eating right and getting active in a local bible study … More Strength


This morning I was thinking about what I was doing 27 years ago.  I was wearing a soft pink sweat suit (yes, that was a thing in 1991) and too nervous to eat.  I had my pink Caboodle loaded with all the makeup and accessories I needed, my dress was in the protective hanger thing … More 27

Daycare Bully

BD graduated from the baby classes and into big girl classes at her daycare.  I was worried that she was too young and the transition would cause her stress and anxiety.  Pretty much I have been wrong.  She loves her new class.  Mostly I think she likes all the stuff there is to do and … More Daycare Bully


Well, we have a new placement.  That’s foster parenting lingo for a new child is living with us. This time not so much a child – she is a beautiful, as in model thin and tall with gorgeous skin and features, fifteen year old woman/child, I’ll call her Veronica or V. Wednesday afternoon while doing … More #MeToo

Please, We Aren’t That Stupid (No, Not Another NFL Post)

News flash corporate America – asking me, a consumer and thus your customer, to make a donation to your charity du jour and then shaming me when I chose not to participate in your charity fund raising is not generous. It does not help your standing one iota. Here’s why: you, Mr/Ms CEO/CFO/COO, are not … More Please, We Aren’t That Stupid (No, Not Another NFL Post)