Daycare Bully

BD graduated from the baby classes and into big girl classes at her daycare.  I was worried that she was too young and the transition would cause her stress and anxiety.  Pretty much I have been wrong.  She loves her new class.  Mostly I think she likes all the stuff there is to do and … More Daycare Bully


Well, we have a new placement.  That’s foster parenting lingo for a new child is living with us. This time not so much a child – she is a beautiful, as in model thin and tall with gorgeous skin and features, fifteen year old woman/child, I’ll call her Veronica or V. Wednesday afternoon while doing … More #MeToo

Please, We Aren’t That Stupid (No, Not Another NFL Post)

News flash corporate America – asking me, a consumer and thus your customer, to make a donation to your charity du jour and then shaming me when I chose not to participate in your charity fund raising is not generous. It does not help your standing one iota. Here’s why: you, Mr/Ms CEO/CFO/COO, are not … More Please, We Aren’t That Stupid (No, Not Another NFL Post)


As you can imagine, I get a lot of solicited and unsolicited advice as a first time mother to an infant.  Most of the time I really appreciated it and know that it comes from a good place.  Some of the advice can feel a little…., hmm, how to put it…, like mom guilt material.  … More Advice