PB&J and TPR

Our favorite Big Deal turned one! I had planned to go all out and well, that just didn’t happen because September came and went way too fast for this well-seasoned momma. Even though BD won’t remember it, we hope she will enjoy looking at the pictures of how much mess she made with one orange … More PB&J and TPR


All of my family will readily agree that patience is not a virtue I possess.  Former bosses have rightly suggested that I am ready, fire, aim. I live life at 75 miles per hour. But now, I live in a 35 miles per hour town, work at a 10 miles per hour campus and hang … More Waiting…


  I was crazy to quit a job I loved doing work that I was really good at.  We were crazy to sell our house and at least ½ of our possessions and move to Savannah. We were foolish to think being foster parents in a town where we knew practically no one and had … More Crazy

What is wrong with our schools? One word – STUPID.

Little girl’s teacher sent me note yesterday that said, “Can you speak with H about her talking and playing in class’s and in the lunch room?”  Absolutely.  So on the way home from school we had a discussion about what happened and why her teacher was so put out with H’s behavior yesterday that she … More What is wrong with our schools? One word – STUPID.