A year ago our lives changed so dramatically it is hard to rap my graying head around some days.  Our BD came to live with us just 12 short months ago today.  We agreed to a foster placement that had the potential to become an adoption placement.  Case workers asked us repeatedly if we were … More Anniversary

PB&J and TPR

Our favorite Big Deal turned one! I had planned to go all out and well, that just didn’t happen because September came and went way too fast for this well-seasoned momma. Even though BD won’t remember it, we hope she will enjoy looking at the pictures of how much mess she made with one orange … More PB&J and TPR


All of my family will readily agree that patience is not a virtue I possess.  Former bosses have rightly suggested that I am ready, fire, aim. I live life at 75 miles per hour. But now, I live in a 35 miles per hour town, work at a 10 miles per hour campus and hang … More Waiting…


  I was crazy to quit a job I loved doing work that I was really good at.  We were crazy to sell our house and at least ½ of our possessions and move to Savannah. We were foolish to think being foster parents in a town where we knew practically no one and had … More Crazy