Not Daddy


Happy Father’s Day, a day late!  We had a great day.  Early morning with tea and coffee on the front porch watching the kittens play followed by serving in the children’s ministry at church.  I made Tim a huge pan of Chocolate Delight, BD got him a Save Ferris t-shirt which he loved so all around a great day at the Senters abode.

Our little girl is quite the daddy’s girl.  This morning I be bopped into her room with my good morning song and she is sitting up in bed, wiping her hair out of her eyes and immediately say, “Milk,” followed by, “Daddy”.  Every single morning is a repeat of this.  Daddy can do no wrong and when he does the unthinkable and tells her no it is the end of the world as we know it.  The water works come pouring.  She lives and breathes to make daddy happy.  The feeling is quite mutual.  I know I should have a bone of jealousy somewhere but nope, I’m just totally enjoying this daddy’s girl.  Tim is a great daddy who will sit through 30 minutes of Baby Shark twice a day to ensure BD gets her breathing treatments in. Daddy lets her help with important things like taking out the garbage and feeding the animals.  When he is home, she is basically his little shadow. It is so cute.

She is also getting quite a sense of humor. She loves to tease us. Lately I have been “daddy”.  Apparently momma left the house and she just has two daddies now.  Tim and I both try to get her to call me momma but nope, not going to happen.  Finally when I asked, “who am I,” my teasing little girl answered with a great big grin, “not daddy.”  Yep that’s me, not daddy. Happy Father’s Day Friends.


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