Answered Prayers and More

Here we go again.  BD started coughing last week while we were at Jekyll Island, me for work, Tim and BD for fun on the beach.  She had an appointment already scheduled for a booster shot at the end of last week so I medicated her with additional breathing treatments and some homeopathic cough syrup.  The nurse took one look at her and turned the appointment into a full appointment meaning the pediatrician would lay eyes on her.  Good thing.  She has double ear infections (again) and a relapse of RSV (again).  We are back to six breathing treatments a day.  Yay. Not!


BD developed a very strong and very vocal distaste for sitting still and breathing two different meds into her little but getting bigger by the minute body.  We tried everything to get through the usual two treatments a day without inflicting trauma on our sweet girl and felt like we were completely failing.  It took both of us to hold her while she screamed and writhed and pulled out truly ninja moves to unplug the air hose or otherwise stop the treatment.  After two really awful breathing treatment torture sessions where I ended up in tears along with my little girl, I waved the white flag and asked my on-line Mom’s group for suggestions.  I got some really good ones that we immediately put into rotation.  The most successful of which was to do it while she slept.  But she doesn’t sleep all the time (man sometimes I miss those days of three hour naps and 12 hour nights) and that means at least once a day we were bribing and begging to get her to inhale something medicinal since we knew there was no way she would take the whole thing.  And all this before she got sick again.  I was at the end of my rope and praying hard for guidance, help, miraculous healing, you name it.


And the answer came but not in the way I thought or expected, of course.  I got sick.  Like fever, chills, coughing, headache, I think I have the flu and may die kind of sick. Yesterday, Tim took me to Urgent Care.  I was fully expecting that amazingly awful flu test swab thing but no.  I got a chest x-ray.  I have bronchitis with a “spot of pneumonia’ in one lung (again).  And wouldn’t you know it,  they decided that since my breathing was so constricted, I need to be on breathing treatments, four times a day, until I get all this junk out of my chest.  Ding, ding, ding, ding.  That’s the bells that go off in my head when I see God’s hand working in my life through some strange circumstances.  I am on the exact same medicine as BD.  How did this answer my prayer?  Well my extremely smart little toddler watched me during my first treatment and after the initial “mine” and grabbing for the nebulizer thingy she sat and watched mommy spend the next fifteen minutes breathing in the medicated vapor.  And just like that, it was fixed, mostly.  She doesn’t like the treatments and boy do I get it.  I had to lay down and abandon Tim to bath and bed time as I adjusted to the Albuterol in my system. However she is no longer a little fighting Tasmanian devil when she has to get them. She sits quietly beside Daddy or Mommy and watches her favorite video.  We still do the night time one after she has gone to bed but for the other five treatments she is a champ.


In other news, we are off to the doctor again this afternoon.  Tim’s turn!  Only he is not following down the infected respiratory system that the women in his life seem to be traipsing. Well he is, but we aren’t doctoring for that just yet.  No, he is headed to the ophthalmologist.  He’s been having problems with one eye for about a week now. My ever sympathetic wife response was put eye drops in it.  Followed by Google it.  He ignored me and made an appointment with our eye doctor.  Good thing, I Googled his symptoms and scary!! I know Google can do that to you but the first hit exactly described his symptoms and the treatment is surgery.  Pray for Tim and the doctor.


This getting Stronger thing this year is kind of sucky.  Not going to lie.  I’m ready for some preventive measures.  So maybe a prayer for Tim and BD would be a good thing.  I’m researching dietary changes and other crunchy momma kinds of stuff to combat this pervasive illness stuff we seem to be facing this year.


The nurse giving me my shot of steroids (need your house cleaned, steroids turn me into a cleaning machine) said something that rang my Ding, Ding Ding bell.  He said he had a foster child that had to get these round the clock breathing treatment for years like we might be facing with BD and that the child screamed through each and every one for all four years they had her.  He said the mom was a drug addict and that the baby had been exposed to something while she was pregnant that resulted in these breathing issues for the child.  Yeah!  BD’s mom is a “bad addict” according to her case worker.  We have not been told that she was exposed or addicted at child birth, we don’t get to know the full medical history until the adoption.  But man that makes sense.  Her pediatrician who was her pediatrician from birth and treats her siblings knew to watch for RSV.  I’m thinking he knows more about this family’s medical history than we know.  And how amazing is this little girl if that is the case?  She is bright, alert, smart, beautiful and all around amazing despite the circumstance into which she entered this life. Thank you God!


Update on Tim – Scary was right, Google not so much.  Dr. Google said he had a torn or separating retina but no, not that simple.  I don’t yet understand all of the diagnosis but Tim started by telling me, “its not cancer and not a separating retina but worse.”  Really?  Basically for my unmedical debits and credits kind of brain this is the explanation I grasped.  Tim had essentially a stroke in his optic nerve.  He has diminished vision in the effected eye and shadows and floaters as well as swelling of the nerve itself which is painful.  He was referred to a retina specialist and will see him in about two weeks.  We don’t know what this means.  Don’t know if this is a degenerative thing that will take his eyesight or if it is a one off that means he gets to wear lopsided glasses for life or if they can do surgery to reverse the effects of the stroke and prevent further damage.  Lots of don’t knows.  These are going to be two really long weeks.  Oh and surprise, surprise – stress is a factor in this.  Something about juggling an adoption, a business or two, a parent moving into memory care and struggles with caregivers and family may have been a factor in this, you think?  We covet your prayers.



Psalm 66:18-20

If I had cherished sin in my heart,
    the Lord would not have listened;
but God has surely listened
    and has heard my prayer.
Praise be to God,
    who has not rejected my prayer
    or withheld his love from me!


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