How To Do Mondays

The maintenance man/sometime front desk receptionist at BD’s daycare said of our little princess this morning that she “shows people how to do Mondays.”  She bee bops into the daycare, all 30.5 inches of personality, giving high fives and fist bumps to some, throwing kisses to everyone and putting a smile on everyone’s face. And this without a cup of coffee.  Amazing, right?

A happy Monday is just what we needed after the highs and lows of last week.

The Valley Low –

Last week was full of bad news.  From a close family member facing very scary medical testing outcomes (praying hard for this one) to Tim’s mom and her dementia fueled shenanigans that have required a weekly trip to Macon for Tim, to an early morning phone call the day we had court letting us know another of Tim’s commercial tenants had been burglarized. If felt like a one two three punch combination that just wasn’t letting up.

The Mountain High –

We had a summons to appear with BD at the Juvenile Justice Center in Savannah at 9:45 Thursday morning that took priority over everything else. And don’t you know it seemed like everyone and everything wanted at least Tim to skip the hearing.  The assisted living place where his mom is currently residing wanted a family meeting that day (not), the break in meant he had to get to Warner Robins ASAP (it could wait four hours). But I insisted that everything else was second to this hearing, he readily agreed.  I worried about what to dress Miss BD in that would allow her to do her thing but also communicate that we are good people that can provide for this sweet baby girl.  We ended up in a jumper and knee socks.  She bee bopped into the court house, charming the security folks who were scanning her momma for setting off the metal detector, again. (Damn underwire bras.)  She got to spend about 10 minutes entertaining the others waiting for court appearances before we got called.  BD went in first and worked the room.  She walked around the conference room, gave high fives and fist bumps to the panel members and charmed the group of ladies appointed to review her case. She loved that she got her own chair and didn’t have to sit in mom or dad’s lap. This 18 month old is the happiest, most confidant toddler the panel had met in a while.

I was shocked that we were the only ones in attendance besides her Case Worker.  No family came.  No one.  Both her mother and father were next door, in the adult detention center (jail) so maybe that prevented them from attending.  But no grandparents, aunts, uncles or even family friends came.  The summons we got was pretty clear; failure to show means they (the court) would interpret that to mean you didn’t want BD.  I think the language was failure to show will result in a termination of parental rights.  So yeah, it was pretty official, our wonderful, bubbly, funny, smart, engaging and beautiful baby girl is not wanted by her biological family.  Wow.  Just typing that is hard.

So the rest of the panel went swimmingly. I told them we felt like we had won the kid lottery when BD came to our house.  They all commented on how much we look like we are her biological parents. They said she was the spitting image of me with Tim’s personality.  Clearly they need an eye exam or the lighting was horrible.  I gave them the growth and development charts I got from her pediatrician that shows that she was in the 14th percentile for growth and development when she came to our home and she is now in the 60th, meeting all her milestones and ahead on many of the developmental ones.  In short hand, she is thriving with us.  I told them about our winter of illness and her RSV illness that was so hard on all of us and the ongoing breathing treatments we will be doing until the doctor tells us to stop.  I shared the copies of her school pictures that I brought to give any family that showed up and they appropriately ohhed and ahhed.  At the end of the meeting, the panel supported the state’s decision to file TPR (it was filed last week) and is recommending that BD be placed up for adoption and that the Senters (US!!!) be her adoptive family.  Then one of the panel members said she wanted Tim and I to know that they believe BD won the family lottery when she got placed in our home.


Yeah, so a slam dunk for us.  It looks like we could be legal as early as May.  Crazy!

Highs and Lows.  It is what makes life interesting.  I can’t wait until I can introduce our little girl to you all.  She is amazing.

I’m praying Warner Robins PD catches the crack head that has made our lives so hard this past year by breaking into every office in the park.  Crack heads just ruin everything.

I’m praying for my family member and their family as the future is very uncertain for them right now and they need more support than I think they are even aware.

I’m praying for Tim as he navigates the very complicated world of caring for an aging parent, specifically that he and his sisters get on the same page and make decisions that are best for all concerned and listen to wise counsel that has been poured out to them for three years now (clearly I need to work on some bitterness issues but since I am “not family”…)

1 Thessalonians 14-18

Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feeble minded, support the weak, be patient toward all men. See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men. Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.


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