Daycare Bully

BD graduated from the baby classes and into big girl classes at her daycare.  I was worried that she was too young and the transition would cause her stress and anxiety.  Pretty much I have been wrong.  She loves her new class.  Mostly I think she likes all the stuff there is to do and see and play with in the big kids room.  And there are so many kids.  Her previous class was only six kids, this class has double that and two teachers.  She loves that she now gets to go outside and get dirty just about every day so I am learning to limit the cute clothes to rainy days if I don’t want them ruined.


Every morning, she still has to go across the hall and hug Ms. Carrie, her previous teacher, but after a quick hug and blowing her a kiss she is across the hall to play with the big kids. And little miss independent prefers to walk to class not get carried in like a baby.  Such a big girl.


Her teachers are very nice and like everyone else they seem to really enjoy our sweet, funny and oh so cute BD but the first day, they wrote up an incident report because she had these scratches behind her ears and on her face.  Ms. Dee said she thought BD had done it to herself and that they didn’t see any other kids putting hands on her.  Tim and I thought maybe it was an ear infection in the making so I tried and failed to get her to see her pediatrician.  She did develop a cold so we chalked it up to that, treated her cold and the scratches and kept her home for a couple of days.


Then Monday when I picked her up, she actually shoved adults and kids out of the way to get to me as soon as I stepped foot into the classroom.  She had a scratch on her face, clearly where some child had pinched her face but I figured in her exuberance to get to mommy, she probably just got scratched, no big deal.  The next afternoon, I am signing yet another incident report. BD has another pinch/scratch mark on the other side of her face and is crying when I pick her up.  Ms. Dee said one of the kids had scratched her and she didn’t think he meant to do it because his mother will hold his face in her hands to get his attention.  Ms. D thought he was just doing that to BD and accidentally scratched her.  No big deal I said and signed the paper, kids do these things.


But when I get her home I find a clear bite mark on the back of her arm and a two inch scratch on one of her thighs to go with the now multiple scratch and pinch marks on her face. Being the genius mom that I am I think, those scratches last week were not self-inflicted.  My baby girl is in an MMA class. So Wednesday morning I mention to Ms. Lakeisha that BD also got bitten in addition to the face scratch and while we aren’t upset I just want them to be aware that she got bit.


When I arrived that afternoon to pick her up, the other teacher, Ms. Dee tells me she was so upset to hear I thought BD got bitten at school in her class. That there was no way that could have happened in the class because she keeps the rougher kids away from the little ones like BD. My response, “we have no other children at home and I can assure you my husband and I do not bite.”  There was no way BD self-inflicted because she can’t bite the back of her upper arm, I don’t know anyone that flexible. Now I’m getting a little irritated. Yes, kids bite and scratch and hit and kick and do all those things so I expect that from time to time she may come home with a scratch/bruise/mark, not an issue except that we are foster parents so we have to make sure that it is documented that these injuries did not happened in our home.  Since the school is writing them up, no big deal we are good but if they try to say it isn’t happening, we will have a problem.


Then today, I drop her off and as her teacher, Ms. Lakeisha, and I are exchanging hellos, I see this little thug eye my cutie pie, drop his toy  and come over to her and pinch her face, look around to see if the adults saw it and then do it again. At which point, I say, “hey, don’t pinch her.”  Ms. L goes into redirect mode with him as I finish taking BD’s coat off and putting it in her cubby.  So this afternoon, I expect there to be yet another incident report.  This little Crip-In-Training has BD in his cross hairs.  Really bullies at the daycare, what is this world coming to??


In other news, we are doing baby led potty training (if that is a thing). BD acted interested in the toilet so we bought her this miniature version that even makes a flushing sound and now, three days later, she is using the potty, not every time but she lets me know if she needs to go, I put her on the pot and 3 out of 4 times we have success.  I’m trying to convince her daycare that she really wants to potty train and we aren’t forcing it but so far the answer has been not yet.  So she is semi-potty training. I was worried about what I was going to do with the three cases of diapers we have stored in her closet and I get a call asking if we will provide respite care for two 8 month old twin boys.  This weekend Tim and I will have three babies under the age of 15 months to care for and love on.  The diapers will get put to good use, I’m sure.


1 Thessalonians 5:18 – …give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


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