New Tricks

Miss Lisa got a cat nap in this afternoon after a super packed busy morning and early afternoon.  Praise the Lord!  I needed it.

I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.  What Miss Lisa has learned:

  1. Get the kids up 30 minutes before I think I need to get them up.
  2. Praise the good behavior, a lot.
  3. Confront the bad behavior – every time.
  4. Let them work out 88.7% of their squabbles.
  5. McDonald’s salads maybe as fine of dining I get now days but happier kids are worth it.
  6. Not all pediatricians have great bedside manner.
  7. Give the kids the agenda and expectations before hand.
  8. Follow through on threats of consequences.
  9. Let them participate in determining punishment for disobedience.
  10. Be the advocate – pushy mom’s get results.

Here’s hoping the rest of this Christmas break goes as good as today did.  It was a really good day.


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