Did you flush?

I can not believe it but that question is now uttered in my house no less than a dozen times a day.  I’d like to wax poetic about the evils in this world where a child aged 12 needs to be reminded to flush the toilet after going both #1 & #2 but I’ll save that for another day.  Today, I’m trying to find the humor in it all.  So here are some things said in my house over the past three weeks that seriously never came up in conversation before – ever.


  1. Did you flush?  For some reason I was blessed by God with a man who learned this little social nicety at age 3.  Thank you Lord Jesus.  I was thinking about printing a cute sign to remind them that no one wants to see their toilet offerings but they wouldn’t read it.  Instead, I’m going to invent a toilet paper roller that is only powered by toilet flushing… wait, that won’t work, they don’t use that either.  Back to the drawing board.
  2. Did you wash your hands?  Again – blessing from God – Tim came into our home with that one down pat.  Word to the wise, if I offer you hand sanitizer around my family, use it.
  3. Did you close the back/front/sliding door? Born in a barn – that’s what my momma used to ask me.  Clearly the answer is yes, all children were born in a barn and don’t know that leaving the doors open will result in an adult yelling.
  4. Who filled my shampoo/conditioner/lotion up with water?  Okay, I had to ask this in college but in my own home, really?  It’s going to take a lot of raking leaves to work off my $38 shampoo.
  5. No you can not drive my car.  You can’t even flush the toilet.  What makes you think I would trust you with my car and my life.  NO!
  6. No you did not find that.  It is an object in my house, which I either purchased or was given to me.  It is not a treasure that you now own. 
  7. No you can not give the dogs/cat your left over school chocolate chip cookies.
  8. Go to bed!  Really, Tim has that one down pat for years and years.  We never had to tell each other time for bed, we both knew that getting sleepy was a sign that the bed would be a great place to hang out.  But I guess for an 8 and 12-year-old that isn’t a skill they have grasped.
  9. Go to bed, means lights out and you close your eyes and go to sleep, it does not mean you play make-believe until 3 in the morning.  I was so deluded.  I thought caring for older kids would result in less bed time issues than little kids. WRONG.
  10. And my favorite and one that will make my mom and dad smile big huge happy day smiles – BECAUSE I SAID SO!

Despite the tired, despite the depleted spirit, and depleted bank account.  I’m still thankful I get to do this.  I’m learning more about myself and growing by huge leaps and bounds.  Each time I respond with kindness and love when I really want to shout, each time I get a thank you or – shock of all shocks – obedience, I count that as a milestone reached.  Foster parenting is not one day  at a time.  Foster parenting is one minute by one minute.  Today the minutes are hard.  Hopefully, tomorrow the minutes will be easier.



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