New Tricks

Miss Lisa got a cat nap in this afternoon after a super packed busy morning and early afternoon.  Praise the Lord!  I needed it. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.  What Miss Lisa has learned: Get the kids up 30 minutes before I think I need to get them up. Praise the … More New Tricks


After a week of I wants, and I needs, and you didn’t does from my favorite two little FC’s I was feeling pretty beat up and beat down by weekend.  Doesn’t it just seem like Christmas brings out the worst in kids in terms of a sense of entitlement? I had a discussion with R … More Gratitude

Did you flush?

I can not believe it but that question is now uttered in my house no less than a dozen times a day.  I’d like to wax poetic about the evils in this world where a child aged 12 needs to be reminded to flush the toilet after going both #1 & #2 but I’ll save … More Did you flush?