No one has written the Emily Post book on how to properly celebrate the family creation that is adoption, well at least not that I have found.  As the days moved rapidly through the two weeks notice we got of our adoption day, I was an anxiety ridden basket case. Certain that I would get … More Celebrate


We have a date. April 23, 2019. It feels a little surreal that adoption day is now on the calendar and Tim and I will become legal parents to our Big Deal.  When I told Tim that would mean that Addison would be in foster care 799 days he was taken aback. ” She’s been … More 799


Last Sunday at church we were singing a worship song that I’m sure I’ve sung for a decade and can’t for the life of me tell you the name or artist but all the sudden I was hit and hit hard.  The song has one line in it about being adopted sons and daughters.  And … More Adoption

Happy Sad

Happy Sad. That’s the best I could come up with to explain how yesterday felt.  We are now the foster turned adoptive parents for Addison. That’s the outcome for us for yesterday’s court hearing.  The implications for us of course are huge but the implications for Addison and her mother are so much bigger.  We … More Happy Sad

Not Daddy

  Happy Father’s Day, a day late!  We had a great day.  Early morning with tea and coffee on the front porch watching the kittens play followed by serving in the children’s ministry at church.  I made Tim a huge pan of Chocolate Delight, BD got him a Save Ferris t-shirt which he loved so … More Not Daddy


A year ago our lives changed so dramatically it is hard to rap my graying head around some days.  Our BD came to live with us just 12 short months ago today.  We agreed to a foster placement that had the potential to become an adoption placement.  Case workers asked us repeatedly if we were … More Anniversary